Global trend scouting where the action is

A finger always on the pulse

Every trend has a counter-trend. We understand all the relevant trends and identify new ones. This calls for constant professional observation paired with an analysis of market and social needs. On this basis, we draw conclusions to inform strategies and design concepts.

Every design starts in the mind with a strategy that takes into account successful positioning as well as potential brand and company targets.

We therefore view trend scouting as part of our daily work, going into greater depth for each situation and each of our customers’ brands so that we have full access to the relevant market and the competition. This means that we already know today what customers will want tomorrow.

In this area of work, in addition to drawing on trend blogs and studies, we go where products ultimately have to work: on shops shelves around the world. In addition to our headquarters in Berlin, we carry out strategic trend scouting in major cities such as London, New York and Copenhagen. We carefully examine how consumers respond to certain stimuli in-store and what measures favour the purchase decision process.

We draw inspiration from brands and products around the world and then make our own contribution so that the world is inspired by us.