Corporate Design for coffee capsule brand Mr and Mrs Mill for K-Fee Systems GmbH.



The new premium range Mr and Mrs Mill was launched to reach a younger target group and launch a premium coffee capsule brand with high standards and quality. WIN needed to create a whole corporate identity including a logo and packaging design.



WIN’s strategy unit analysed the market, target group and brand in order to place the brand in the coffee market. The design unit added a strong look and feel to the product by incorporating the Mr and Mrs Mill values and mission. The idea for the logo was to create one that makes the brand approachable and personal, associating a high-quality roasting house next door with the words COFFEE ROASTERY.



A corporate identity was created to show the modern celebration of finest craftsmanship throughout the logo and packaging design. Every flavour was named after its taste and roasting process, intensifying the brand’s values of quality, authenticity, wisdom and passion for coffee.