The creation of the subbrand HELLO for the brand LINDT & SRÜNGLI, a packaging concept, awarded with the RED DOT Design Award



WIN tasks was to develop a new brand beneath the Lindt umbrella brand in order to appeal to a younger target group without losing the existing consumer base. The challenge was to find a sweet spot in a fully saturated chocolate market.



The chocolate market was analysed in a brand workshop and its challenges and chances has identified. In addition Lindt, its competition and target group was analysed in order to create an innovative concept for a new product. International trends scouted by internal trend forecasting (incl. related industries) and the use of creative methods (Blue Ocean Workshop) build the concept and packaging idea of Lindt Hello Chocolate.



Hello chocolate is made for those who understand lifestyle as a personal statement,
the packaging ingredients created for the lifestyle brand resulted in bright colours, eye-catching typography and a catchy product name. The success was celebrated with a Red Dot Award and with the approval of an entirely new target group.